Special discounts and  boundless Privileges!

Holypass is a jerysalem discounts card originally created to service the tourists and the market with the largest selection of Shopping Outlets. the Card offers 10% to 25% discounts off retail prices.

jerusalem is a city with a wide range of shopping products. There’s excellent shops, fashion boutiques and trendy from offering limited edition items in high class fashion and designer shops, electronic equipment, cell phones, computers and accessories specialist stores easily find large department stores. There are several shopping malls, such as the Malha mall in jerusalem with a wide range of shops and services under one roof. Do not miss the smaller local shops but with hand-made souvenirs and gifts, or specializing in one product which can be anything from hammocks to handbags. Shops tend to stay open all day until 22:00 at night. Almost all shops are closed on Saturdays.

Helping people save at stores they love! holypass entitles you to immediate and exclusive savings at a choice of over 100 participating stores. Enjoy Weekly and Additional Deals added throughout the Period of card validity and Save money on Fashion, Dining, Lifestyle, Beauty and more every time you show your holypass card! all goods and commodities that are purchased using the holypass card that providing you with monthly deduction of discounts on the goods and procurement of most of the shops and brands to get the highest pleasure of shopping …

What to buy?! You have a categories that you can buy your needs including shopping centers, a major food from a restaurants , Centers for electronics and even travel and tourism, but you most be sure that these stores are participation. Variety of discounts on electric products, deliveries of food, groceries, flowers, gifts, furniture, toys, books and multimedia, office equipment, and various transports etc. …

the shops is:

Hebrew Craftsman’s House Menorah

(Temple Institute store) (Dairy, kosher)

19 Misgav Ladach St. 77 Heyehudim St

Tel. 626 4545 Tel. 628 8944

Bar-On (Talitot)

12 Cardo St., Tel. 626 494

Bar-On Judaica and Gifts

12 Cardo St., Tel. 626 4949

Bar-On Jewish

Art & Antiquities

12 Cardo St., Tel. 626 4949

Rozen Gallery

Tel. 628 9578

Rozen Jewelers

The Cardo

Tel. 628 9578

The Roman Arch

The Cardo

Tel. 628 8812

the stores:

Gallery Mira

Hyehudim St.,Tel. 626 4117

Mira’s Judaica & Ornaments

Beit El St., Tel. 626 4117

The oil press art gallery

33 Heyehudim St.

Tel. 626 1917