“The best tasting food in jerusalem, as Not taste before with the cheapest prices and great services”

Holypass card offers you a discounts in alot of restaurants in jerusalem and restauranrs in haifa, These restaurants offer discounts of up to 10%, and alot of other free requests.

What are the participating restaurants?

Card issued with a guide consisting of colored pages , it all designed in a coordinated and beautiful , where the restaurants are Luxury restaurants , normal restaurant and iPad restaurant. In addition to coffee and ice cream  shops. Within each of these restaurants categories Lists by type of cuisine such as Chinese cuisine, Indian, Italian, etc., You’ll also find in the guide book All terms and conditions of the offer.

  •  The card offers up to 25% discounts on food bills for some restaurants.
  • There are other offers such as buying one meal and get the second for free.
  • Restaurants discounts is not a fixed term, there is no limited times, but the specific period is only to the end of the card validity.
  • you most check the conditionds of the card becouse there’s a places that their Offer is not valid on drinks, shisha and hot drinking – so you most be aware for this thing.

How does it work?
Present your holypass Card at any of the participating restaurants and you will receive more than 25% Instant Discount .

notice : the holypass card must be submitted before requesting bill payment.

In the case of some participant restaurant refused to give a discount, Or upon the occurrence of any similar problems, the customer must contact us via the website, telephone or by emailing us.

the Restaurants is:

15% off entire menu


(Dairy, kosher)

77 Heyehudim St.

Tel. 628 8944

Cardo Keyad


(Meat, glatt kosher)

16 Cardo St.

Tel. 626 2060

10% off entire menu

Bonkers Bagels

(Dairy, glatt kosher)

Tiferet Israel St.

Tel. 628 0081

Motti S Café

(Dairy, kosher)

1 Hamekobalim St.

Tel. 6274870

Miznon HaRova

(Meat, kosher)

2 Tiferet Israel St.

Tel. 627 2590


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