Holypass is a multi-site pass with a smart-chip that reduces admission fees to 5 out of 15 major Old City sites by 25%, and provides numerous benefits and discounts at attractions, galleries, restaurants and cafés.

tourists wishing to order a Holypass card – Jerusalem’s Old City multi-site admission pass – will receive a 10% – 25% discount in 15 major sites in the Old City offered by Holypass or, alternatively, a 20% discount in purchasing the full Holypass.

HolyPass saves about 25% for family or group purchase in advance, one time fee, and lets you choose from the ancient city sites 5 of the top tourist sites and the largest stakeholders in the City The card also provides a variety of discounts and complementary products. The price of a card is ₪ 99 for adults, and 50 ₪ child.

for Groups – the card can be purchased for a special price.


holypass card buyers For 99 ₪ , or for children withh 50 ₪ , receive free local maps, information, book guide and online support for Hebrew and English, making it possible plan your trip in advance.


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