The holypass card allows “wider access to tourist sites in the Old City,  with the lower prices” –  jerusalem is packed with some of the most exciting museums in the world. Boasting a wide assortment of topics and subjects – The jerusalem museums have treasures, science, art and culture, history, nature, etc… there really is a something for every taste.

Interested in history, science? There are some good jerusalem museums dedicated to various regions and israel history’ science and the bible study such the bible Museum and history of jerusalem Museum. Both of these museums are set within spectacular venues and are not to be missed by any tourist visiting jerusalem.

jerusalem is also home to some unique and diverse museums too such as the Archaeology Museum, bible lands Museum, Greek Orthodox Museum, Islamic Museum of the Temple Mount, Israel Museum, Jerusalem Artists’ House, Musical Instruments Museum, Nature Museum, Theatre Archives and Museum, Tower of David – Museum of the History of Jerusalem and others…
You can admire beautiful and rare art objects and curiosities, learn about the history of jerusalem and of its people as well as about history, science and nature. With the annual holypass Museum discounts you can visit more than 10 museums with the attractive prices.

the Museums you can visit and get the discount of holypass is :

The Isaac Kaplan- Old Yishuv Court Museum

Relive life in the Old City from the Ottoman period to the fall of the Jewish Quarter in 1948. A permanent and temporary exhibition including the Ha’ari Synagogue.

The Herodian Quarter- The Wohl Museum of Archaeology

View the grand, 2,000 square meter living quarters of the priestly class and Jerusalem’s wealthy during the Second Temple: Mikvehs (ritual baths), mosaic floors, elegant stucco and even frescoes.

Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem

4,000 years of Jerusalem history. Citadel viewpoint, archaeological remains, animated film, permanen and temporary exhibitions. Admission includes guided permanent exhibition tours for individuals.

you can visit some museums in jerusalem for free with a holyPass – check them out!