Israel Travel

Few locations in the world are able to juxtapose new and old as well as Israel. Considered holy by billions of people across the globe, this Middle Eastern country also features thriving modern cities and new-age activities and attractions. Israel travel is certainly not just for the devout at heart.


Getting to Israel

Before you can indulge in any of the exciting activities and attractions on offer, you’ll need to get to Israel. The country’s main airport – Ben Gurion International – is located outside of Tel Aviv. Most international flights begin and end here, making it the starting point for many holidays in Israel. International airports can also be found near the cities of Eilat (to the south) and Haifa (to the north).

The country’s flag-carrier airline is El Al, which annually transports some 13 million passengers, making it a key component in Israel travel. The airline operates direct flights to locations across Europe, North America, Africa and the Far East.


Holidays in Israel

Once you’ve made it to Israel you’ll find a vast array of attractions to keep you entertained, many of which clearly illustrate the country’s contrast of old and new. Those with a keen eye for architecture and the historic will find many of the cities packed with intrigue, particularly the holy city of Jerusalem, which is home to such famed attractions as the Wailing Wall, King David’s tomb, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Garden of Gethsemane. Surprising to many, Jerusalem also features plenty of modern amenities as does Tel Aviv. Do not forget to taste the israeli wine that is delicious

Those looking at holidays in Israel may enjoy the tourist resorts at Eilat (for the Red Sea) and the Dead Sea, where guests can enjoy everything from swimming facilities to state-of-the-art health and fitness spas. Likewise, the Mediterranean beaches are perfect for sunbathing whilst the towns and cities that are scattered along these golden sands feature fine restaurants, lively nightclubs and vibrant social scenes, three elements that are not always associated with Israel travel.

In many ways, the country of Israel and the tourism that it offers is enough to surprise almost anybody.