Jerusalem tour guide:

Jerusalem is a unique city with many contradictions such as west and east, old and new, secular and religious and many more.

Most tourists don’t know where to begin and when is the best time to visit each location and there for spend a lot of time in lines waiting to visit the sites.

And we haven’t started talking about Jerusalem traffic and public transportation.

Millions of tourists visit the city each year and go to all the known locations such as the Western wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Yad Vashem and many more.

Well there are a few things you should know first.

If you are looking to visit religious sites than you should know that there are a lot of places to visit and some of them are rather unknown and hard to find for the average taxi driver or local residents.

You probably heard some stories about local merchants and the “special” prices they have for tourists.

A great way (and not that expensive) to tour Jerusalem or take a day tour from Jerusalem is hiring a local Israeli tour guide.

You should make sure that your tour guide is licensed by the ministry of tourism (all official tour guides are), all of the tour guides are fluent in English and some of them speak more than one language (except English).

We recommend you read about your tour guide in sites like trip adviser and speak to him first because it’s all about the chemistry between you.

You private tour guide will make sure you see everything you want to see and much more and he’ll save you a lot of money from local merchants .

We wish you a great trip and amazing experience in Jerusalem.


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