Jerusalem is the most exciting city on Earth, one of the most ancient cities in the world, that millions of people of three religions around the world and pilgrims come to visit the Old City and the holy sites in jerusalem. For all those visitors from Israel and around the world, offered a dozens of hotels in different regions and types suitable for various reasons to visit Jerusalem. Jerusalem allows you to find a room in every budget, every type of holiday and popular in all regions by location, price, dining and areas nearby, entertainment, attractions and activities sites. Jerusalem’s hotels invite you to experience an unforgettable vacation. its offers guests a wide range of hotels and Accommodation places which Located in the entrance to Jerusalem, Givat Ram that is ideal for business people who come to the Government Center, academics who come to conferences in Jerusalem and religious families coming for holidays events.

The hotels area of Jerusalem is located nearby the Old City, Where you can find great hotels, world-class intervals. There are also scattered hotels in different areas, such as Mount Scopus, Talbiyeh and ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods. the jerusalem Vacation is a unique vacation, soaked with clear mountain air and enchanting atmosphere, dipped in history and spirituality.

holypass discounts card for Jerusalem offers their holders to enjoy a cheap and pleasant accommodation, allowing convenient visits to the holy, culture and historical sites of the city. Hotels and accommodations in Jerusalem are equipped with beds, bathrooms, telephone, and cable TV. Most hotels are located near the old city, or on a hillside pastoral, and their windows overlooks the ancient and beautiful, others are near holy sites near a variety of restaurants and cafes, within walking distance to recreation, burning and most importantly they provide guests with personal attention, which you can rent them a room by hours.

some of these hotels are:

  • King David Hotel
  • Harmony hotel
  • Hotel David Citadel
  • Hotel Prima Royale
  •  Dan Panorama
  • Hotel mamilla
  • Little House
  • Ela Residence
  • La Perle
  • Ein Kerem Hotel


The holypass card provides discounts and benefits when you present it at the entrance to one of the participating accommodations like Hotels Wells .